About the Project

Okinawa Goya Project 2011

This project is dedicated to the courage of our friends overseas who revealed the statements by a former US diplomat insulted people of Okinawa.

Please join us by sending a photo of Okinawa goya.

Okinawa Goya Project 2011 is aimed at showing the world evidential records of how many goyas Okinawans grow. Anyone can participate in this civil action by sending an photo associated with Okinawa goya. 

It is a collaboration work of making a record of Okinawan goya in 2011.

Send your pictures of goya:

you are growing now
a bud just came out
ivy running up the sticks
the yellow flower
a fruit of just two centimeters you found in the morning
the shadow of goya leaves against strong sunlight
sceneries through the ivies and leaves

goyas rolling on a cutting board
salt-rubbed goya of vivid green
my cat just can’t help with the bumpy surface
seeds scraped off
goya chanpuru ordered after hard decision to give up on tofu chanpuru
Some said, goya tempura is good when the core is not removed
I just realized that my mother’s goya is cut much thicker than other houses
goya chips and beer!

the one with curved shapes
a nice straight shape goya sold
goyas from my neighbor
my drawing of goya I grow for the summer homework
goya you eat at Okinawan restaurant in mainland Japan

angry goya
goya full of joy from growing on your own
bitter goya from your childhood

Show your goya you see today

Show it to the world!

Let’s show that our everyday is full of goya culture

We hope you would join us in creating a record of Okinawan goyas

We welcome your goya photo at:


Please include the info:
date you pictured 
place you pictured
your name: full name or nickname
short comment
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